TEC Partner Companies

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SME's, MNC's and Network Operators

TEC partner companiesThe role of TEC is not only about recruiting students it is also about work placement for the students once they have successfully completed and passed their respective courses.

It is here that TEC staff use our connections within the mobile telecommunications industry to great effect.

TEC have developed and fine tuned working relationships with many of the local telco industry players to an extent we have become a primary source of supplying them skilled labour.

From SME's to Multi National vendors and through to the network operators and service providers TEC have established professional links for the potential benefit of all TEC students and our partner companies.

The TEC partnership programme is a cost effective solution for Telco's and SME's to enter into an agreement prior to employing trainees with the skill sets you require

Joining TEC Partnership Program

SME's often find themselves in a position to ramp up the resources when new contract opportunities present themselves.

This is where TEC can assist by sharing our training schedules and the number of trainees that will have the skill set required to satisfy your roll out programme at the time you require.

All The Right Skills

As we are running many courses the churn rate of students reaching the required skill levels is at a good rate to satisfy the local market.

Multi-Skilled Workforce

We provide training to your existing work force with funding provided for many of our telecoms courses; Yes this includes SME's (contact us for details).

Interview Before Commitment

SME's get the opportunity to interview the trainees before commiting to their employment.

Work Ready

The trainees are 'work ready' for the SME and have gained both awareness and experience of the working environment and the expectations that will be put on them.

If you want to know more about the TEC partnership programme then you can call us for a chat or contact us here and we will be happy to explain the benefits you the SME can gain from becoming our partner.

We look forward to partnering with you at TEC

Partner Company Agreement