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These courses are HRDF claimable

TEC Short Courses

Register now for any of the short courses in telecommunications available at our TEC campus in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

All TEC trainers are both certified vocational training officers (VTO) and industry experts in their respective fields.

Certification will be supplied to all attendees of TEC telecoms short courses inclusive of custom courses and our regular short courses.

Custom Courses

In the above short course application form there are a number of options of short telecommunication courses to choose from, however if you cannot see the course you require then do not despair as we also offer custom courses to fit your requirement.

Simply select 'Custom Course' from the drop down menu and a text box will open. Then just enter the requirements for your custom course and send to us. TEC staff will contact you forthwith to discuss your requirement.

Our facilities can cater to classroom based training, installation training, commissioning and integration training and drive test and analysis training (just to name a few).

When there is hands on vocational training we can provide up to five trainers per class of 25 to give a focused personal training experience that greatly enhances the passage of skills and knowledge to the trainee.

Short Courses Are Career Enhancers

Short courses are a great way to acquire valuable new skills that give you that crucial edge above colleagues or other applicants in the jobs market.

Upskilling The Path To A Motivated Workforce

Introducing new skill sets to your employees gives them the motivation to improve company efficiencies.

The employee retention rate gets a boost when employers provide the opportunity to the employees to learn new skills on short courses.

A happy workforce is a motivated workforce who are prepared to go the 'extra mile' for their employers.

We look forward to seeing you at TEC

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