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All About TEC

Well from the founders of TEC down through the admin staff and trainers we are all steeped in a combined history of working in the mobile telecommunications industry across dozens of years and spanning five continents.

Actually, It's Not About TEC, It's About The Students

TEC About What We Do

We've Got The Passion If You Have The Enthusiasm

We all share a passion for the Telco market since most of our staff have dedicated their entire working lives to working in this industry. This makes TEC a niche college that focuses on its core subject of mobile telecommunications.

This passion for telco creates an enthusiasm to teach from our trainers that is infectious to our students and trainees. If a trainee comes with an enthusiasm to learn at TEC they will learn more than just knowledge because they will leave with an enthusiasm to achieve in the telco industry. This is not just shallow talk, this has been our actual experience of teaching mobile telecommunications since 2013.

At TEC it is not about us it is about YOU Our job is not just to impart the knowledge and the vocational skills but life skills and attitudes for success. Our concern is the students future and we know that enthusiasm is infectious, so our trainers carry their enthusiasm for telco to the students.

We are very student welfare and future centric in our approach to your training.

First Telco Vocational College In Malaysia

TEC is the first vocational telecommunications college in Malaysia and our ties with the local Telco industry keeps us abreast of the current market needs for vocational skills in Malaysia. In TEC installation rooms we can simulate just about every conceivable scenario that will be faced by an installation engineer from antenna azimuth and tilting to microwave ODU dish alignment or testing a distributed antenna system we will create all the tasks that must be performed at site.

Whether your interest lies in drive test engineering, network optimisation, fiber optic splicing, in-building solution, site survey, commissioning and integration, health and safety or soft skills we have a course for you.

We can cover all mobile telecommunication related courses. If you cannot see on our website a course you may want then you should contact us with your course requirement and we will accommodate your telco course request.

TEC is a JPK Accredited College for SKM

TEC Timeline To Now

Our history is deeply entwined with ACE Training as both ACE and TEC are fully owned by Asaascom Engineering Sdn Bhd. ACE Training began in 2013 and have already trained over 500 students and successfully placed them in employment within the Malaysian telco industries.

TEC was borne from the large market gap in Malaysia for a telecommunication college generating skilled workers with professionally recognised qualifications.

After undergoing rigorous examination TEC were awarded accreditation by JPK and are now officially recognised as a vocational college in Malaysia.

We look forward to seeing you at TEC

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