Vocational Means Hands On

Drive Test Engineer

We already have a history of training and successfully placing 200+ drive test engineers into Malaysian jobs

Installation Engineer

Learn the essential installation skills with our hands on training that gives you the skills the industry requires now

Fiber Optics Engineer

Learn how to splice fiber optical cables and becoming an in-demand engineer in the fiber industry

Site Surveyor

Every aspect of the mobile telecommunications industry uses site surveyors to render the correct information for teams to follow

Telecommunication Engineering

Telecom technician at work

Telecom Technician

We teach the skills hands on with the state of the art telecommunication instruments used in the industry

Ethernet Connections

Transmission Technician

Connectivity is the name of the game in mobile telecommunications and the transmission technician is responsible for this communication medium

Software Engineer

Software Engineers

Software and firmware is constantly being updated, become part of the telecommunication machine by learning software techniques and fall back procedures

Data Analysis Engineer

Data Analysis Engineer

As data consumption rates rises so to does the need for Telcos to analyse how this data is being used and where their networks must be improved

Mobile Installation Engineer

Optimisation Engineer

Tweaking the network is an on-going non stop battle for all Telco's, hence the high demand for optimisation engineers to advise how to best utilise the equipment

Network Engineering

Network Engineering

Network and systems engineers are listed as critical roles to fill in the Malaysian telecommunication industry, learn these skills and become an in-demand engineer

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